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Re-elected!! November 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013, and 2017

Stern to be President-elect of Association of Washington Cities (AWC)   Stern to be President-elect of Association of Washington Cities (AWC)
Poulsbo the epicenter of education on the peninsulas   Poulsbo the epicenter of education on the peninsulas
Turning carbon-fiber composite scrap material into useful products   Turning carbon-fiber composite scrap material into useful products

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Puget Sound Regional Council
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Ed Stern


Poulsbo Councilman Ed Stern announces
bid for sixth term on City Council

City of Poulsbo Council Position #5

Statement of Purpose:

UPDATE: Councilman Stern will be successfully reelected to his sixth term in November 2017 to the Poulsbo City Council. He was also elected in May 2014 by the General Assembly of the Puget Sound Regional Council to a two-year term as president of the federal Economic Development District board.

In June 2016 he was reelected to a fifth term on the Association of Washington Cities board, and in June 2017 made president-elect. Councilman Stern has also accepted a position on the Board of Directors of the states Municipal Research and Services Center.

“I have much work to finish that I have started” Stern said, “both for my community, my county and in the region”.

In addition Stern is serving on the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council (KRCC), where he is also their appointed representative to both the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (KEDA) executive board, as well as the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) federal Economic Development District, serving as vice-president of the four-county district.

Stern describes himself as ‘passionate’ about making Poulsbo the very best small town in the West Sound, preserving its quaintness and natural beauty while allowing it to grow intelligently into the twenty-first century.

Having played an instrumental role in safe-guarding the original $13 million state funding for the creation of the Olympic College Poulsbo campus, Stern has championed the expansion of Western Washington University (WWU) extension campus here. Recently he led the old Marine Science Center being deeded over to be the new WWU SEA-Discovery Center, creating a legacy in perpetuity thereby. The 4-year baccalaureate degree program in CyberSecurity supported by the construction of the nation's only 9th CyberRange facility to support such in Poulsbo, along with Business Administration, Environmental Science and Policy degree programs creates a real college town here for the peninsulas region.

“Reducing our dependence on tax-payer funded roads, boats and bridges to commute to get to work, instead investing in smart local jobs that support family-wage positions in our own communities” Stern finished, “that’s my over-riding goal for Poulsbo and the other cities in our region, and state-wide.”




2013 Economic Development Champion Award from Kitsap County

2009 VISION 2040 Award from Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) for: Kitsap Telework Pilot Project conducted for the State Legislature/
Senate Transportation Committee

Greater Poulsbo Chamber Community Builder Award 2001-2002 for ‘Saving Olympic College Poulsbo’

Kitsap Regional Economic Development Council : Community Support Award 2002

Board of Directors position #12, Association of
Washington Cities
2008 – present

Legislative Appointee - High Speed Internet Strategy
Working Group
, Olympia

Poulsbo Planning Commission

Olympic College NK Advisory Board

Kitsap Regional Economic Development Board

-Chaired Regional Telecommunications Committee

-Co-Chairing KRCC Broadband Task Force

Kitsap Base Reduction & Closure Committee (BRAC)

Protecting our environment and investing in families while lessening our dependence on fossil fuels-

Let's work together!


My Record:

Completing my fifth consecutive term in office, I can point to above all else a collegial and inclusive political philosophy that allows me to bring diverse people and ideas together to solve problems at the city, county and regional level.

From organizing the Council Committee form of governance in 1998, based on my earlier experience as a municipal official in Montana in the 1970’s and 80’s, to securing the highest small city rating in the state of Washington financially in 2008 - - a ‘AA’ rating from Standard & Poor’s in New York City - - based in part on my conservative over-two-decades working experience in the private sector financial industry, mine is a record of measurable achievement.

I am most proud of working closely with then-Senate Majority Whip Betti Sheldon (D.-Bremerton) in 2001 to save the $13 million in state capital funding that allowed Olympic College to build our fantastic Poulsbo campus, providing educational and job opportunities for our young people and re-training for those of us faced with economic dislocation alike. The Greater Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce award for this work hangs on my office wall to this day.

The Future:

Since ‘day-one’ back in 1997 when first elected to City Council, I have dedicated myself to emerging technologies, specifically first the essential fiber-optic telecommunications infrastructure we so sorely lacked at that time - - that forced/forces so many of us to go to jobs in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties in long exhaust-choked lines on ferries and bridges - - so as to begin to offset the need for more environmentally degrading and taxpayer-costly physical transportation solutions to our commuting woes.

With the construction complete of our 120 mile fiber-optic backbone running throughout Kitsap County in 2004, efforts could be redirected to the ‘applications’ of advanced telecommunications, namely telecommuting, distance-learning and e-medicine for creating and retaining jobs right here in our own communities. Not only good for our pocket-books, the environment and diversifying our tax base, most importantly it allows families of people to work, go to school and shop in our own towns!

Poulsbo is at the forefront of this effort in the State, with more to gain or lose as a transportation hub at the crossroads of western Washington than almost any other community. Recognized by the Legislature and funded to carry out the Telework Pilot Project in part, we have been recently joined by Microsoft Corporation and fifty of their workers to do their jobs from this side of the water. The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) of over eighty city and county governments of the Puget Sound awarded their prestigious Vision 2040 Award to us for these efforts this spring, something all of us should be justifiably proud of.

Careful growth planning coupled with smart jobs and sensitive environmental stewardship is the formula for our future, together. I have been honored and gratified to have been selected to serve our community these last 16 years: I ask for your continued vote of confidence in returning me to the Poulsbo City Council in 2013.

Thank You!

Ed Stern


We as a campaign are committed to not cluttering the built and natural environment with intrusive campaign signs. Instead, to ‘put my money where my mouth is’, we are utilizing the internet as an example of not only how a campaign can be run effectively and thoughtfully in the 21st century, but an example for all of Kitsap County of the use of high-speed broadband as an alternative for ‘getting to work’! If you believe as we do in both our positions for the community, and this approach to campaigning, WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT. Please click on the Contribution link, and help us bring Poulsbo and Kitsap County into the 21st century… and thank you!



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